Let's build better personal software projects, together.

You won't be a great software engineer unless you build something meaningful.

Imber lets you showcase what you've built and gives you automated + manual feedback on your projects. For now, we're focused on front-end projects you've created: Android icon Android, iOS icon iOS, and Web icon web. A single person (you!) can create something of value for thousands of people. These personal side projects are the primary lever to advance your career in tech.

Why build personal projects?

  • It's the closest you get to ‘real experience’ without actually working at a company
  • You gain the skills to make you a better engineer in the real world
  • It's cheap (and in many cases, free)
  • It's extremely fun and fulfilling 🚀

Built by:

Hi, we're Alex and Rahul, founders of Imber and the Tech Career Growth community. Our goal is to accelerate your career in tech by offering our knowledge + perspective from 15+ years of combined engineering experience in Silicon Valley. Join us on LinkedIn and Slack.

Imber is a manifestation of constant feedback we heard from community members: How can I get interviews at top tech companies? How can I feel confident as a developer?

Alex Chiou
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Android engineer at Robinhood + ex-tech lead at Instagram and Facebook. Side project enthusiast who builds free, ad-free, open source mobile apps in my spare time. 2 million+ downloads on Google Play with 20,000+ ratings. Writer about the random stuff I do: https://medium.com/@chioualexander

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Rahul Pandey
Rahul Pandey LinkedIn logo

Experienced Android tech lead, Stanford lecturer, and YouTuber. Currently an Android TL at Facebook Portal and writer/speaker about Android + tech careers. Subscribe to my channel: youtube.com/rpandey1234

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