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I built an Android version of the classic memory game we've all played. By default, you have to find pairs from a set of predefined images on various board sizes (4x2, 6x3, or 6x4). The special twist to the game is that you can customize the memory cards by having each image be a picture on your phone. These images get uploaded to Firebase Storage, and you can share the unique identifier for your game with anyone in the world. Thus the name "My Memory" :) This app has around 700 installs and 172 active devices. However, what I'm more proud of is the resulting 20 part video series on my YouTube that I made explaining how to build it. To get people interested, I offered to pay for people's Google developer fee ($25) if they followed the tutorial and built the app. This led to at least 15 clones of this app on the Play Store. Some examples: and
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