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Cat Pix lets you enjoy an endless feed of adorable cat pictures and GIFs. Just open it and start scrolling! Here are some of the features: - CINEMATIC FULL VIEW: Simple click on any cat picture to view it in the app's immersive full screen view. From here, you can double tap/pinch to zoom in/out and drag to focus on whatever part of the picture you want. - FAVORITES: Favorite the pictures you like for easy access and view them from your Favorites page. - WALLPAPER SETTING: To set a cat picture as your wallpaper, open it in the full view and use the zoom/drag controls to get the picture exactly how you want it. After that, just click the wallpaper button at the top of the page to set it as your wallpaper. Backstory: I built this app, because my little brother found a free cat API and I thought it would be cool to make an app from it. I actually used this app as an opportunity to learn Kotlin as we wrote Java at Facebook for Android at the time. I have barely invested in this app, but it has 1,000+ installs on Google Play which is neat I guess.
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