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Algorithm Helper - Simple Explanations for DSA   

An Android app that gives you simple and clear explanations for data structures and algorithms. I built the initial version of this in 2012 which was fully native, but it was too painful to update the content since it required deploying a new APK. So in 2017, I did a v2 of Algorithm Helper (this app) which is essentially a wrapper around a webview. The content is coming from a blog I created using Jekyll, a popular static site generator: The idea was that anyone could then add their own article to Algorithm Helper by contributing to the open source repo. I had a vision for this to become the Wikipedia of algorithm knowledge, with intuitive explanations that people could access on their Android app. That didn't quite work out 🤣 Honestly, the reason I made an Android app instead of *just* a web blog is because I wanted to capitalize on Google Play search, which is far less competitive than web search (way fewer apps compared to websites). The results back this up: I haven't touched this app in years, but it has 10K+ installs, and a few people download the app every week. It also has a surprisingly good rating, 4.4 stars on 48 ratings, for an app which I haven't touched in ages.
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